Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does it cost?

  • Nothing! Unless you are a really big firm with oodles of loose cash, we do not expect to be paid for our financial modeling.

2. Then why do you do this?

  • This is one way I am achieving my contribution goals of my life. If I can help an entrepreneur with what little service I can provide, I am more  than  happy to help.

3. What information must I provide, to get the financial model?

  • Basically, we need to have some rough numbers regarding your business, such as estimated costs, estimated revenue, expected growth rate of the revenue. You can divulge as much, or little, information about your business as you wish. However, the more relevant information you provide, the better and more  robust the financial model will become.

4. Is a meeting necessary for the task?

  • A meeting is a great idea because it will facilitate the information gathering process. However, a virtual meeting via Skype can achieve the goal as well.

5. How shall I contact you?

  • Please e-mail us at, with the basic outline of your business and your estimation about the first few years of your operation. Please try to include as many financial numbers as you can, such as sales (or service revenue), COGS, SG&A etc. If you are not familiar with these terms, you can just specify revneue and costs, at the initial contact. 


1.       How much does it cost?

·         For a full business plan, you need to think of spending some cash as an up-front investment. Once we communicate the basic information, we will send you a quote. The initial consultation via e-mail or in person costs you nothing, of course.

2.       Why is it not free?

·         Developing a business plan requires a lot of research and analysis, and it goes well beyond developing the necessary financial model. We guarantee that our pricing is very competitive.

3.       What information must I provide?

·         In short, everything you want to tell your investors, plus your understanding of your own business model, including assumption about revenue and costs for the short-term future. A meeting, either in person or via Skype, is essential for information gathering. You need to have several meetings with us in the course of the development of the business plan.

4.       Do I need to have a meeting with you?

·         Absolutely. If you can’t afford the time, Skype meeting is also a viable option.

5.       How shall I contact you?

·         First, send us an e-mail at including a basic description of your business model, whether you are already in business, and what stage your business is in if you already started. Then we can set up a meeting (in person or via Skype) for further discussion. Feel free to contact us. It costs you nothing.



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